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First and foremost, Vocals Illustrated is a performing group for youth. We sing songs with choreography. We have a concert each semester; one for Christmas and one in the spring. Vocals Illustrated performs in the community once a month including parades. In our Performance Choir Rehearsal, singing and performing classes are taught on a weekly basis at the Garden Chateau at 17901 Marsh Rd. in Winter Garden FL. Youth are divided according to age:

Tinys: Ages 4-7 On Tuesday from 5:00pm - 5:55pm

Tweens: Ages 8-12 On Tuesday from 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Talents: Teens and Adults with special needs Wednesday 7:00 - 8:00 pm Join our assistant director Amber as she becomes a student at Vocals Illustrated! Her and her peers with special needs who are 12 and up (Amber is 33) will form our brand new group the Talents! This will be a great venue for personal expression for young adults with any diagnosis. The only requirement is that the performer can follow directions. We are partners with Joy Productions who are offering a range of classes for individuals for special needs. Click here to find out about the classes they offer.

**To keep class sizes small, additional classes may be added. Age groups, Dates, and Times are subject to change.**

Vocals Illustrated provides an educational program designed to teach the performing arts to youth in a way that will help them develop priceless life skills. We believe that the self-esteem, the creative abilities, the communication skills and the ultimate success of children will be enhanced through the study of music, drama and performance.

Singing, drama, theory, rhythm and performing skills are taught in fun ways so that performers learn to feel comfortable in any performing situation. Our music will be arranged and choreographed to fit children’s age groups and accommodate their young voices. Rhythm is such an exciting thing for children, and can have a great effect on the developing mind. Music medleys are arranged with the careful consideration of style, range, familiarity, audience appeal and distinctiveness. We will try to expose the youth to all kinds of music so that appreciation is gained and education takes place. Our students will go home singing and be excited to return! Our philosophy is that all young people benefit if they learn how to perform. At some point in their lives, they will need to give a science report, recite a poem, or tell a joke at a family reunion. We teach our performers to feel comfortable on stage. It has long been established that music unlocks the mind and enhances abilities in many areas of academics. We will introduce all different kinds of great music and help children to learn how to move to rhythm, sing correctly and through theatre, learn how to express themselves. We believe that all performers, regardless of age, race or background can benefit from this program.
As a non profit organization, we will do our best to serve our community. There will be a focus on patriotism and supporting our troops. We will share our love of music with the community through our songs and actions.


Questions? You can reach us at: (407) 902-8723 or e-mail us.